Susanna Shen, OMD, L.Ac.


Olympic Acupuncture (Acupuncture) is based out of Los Altos, CA. Olympic Acupuncture values your feedback and has received 26 reviews with an average rating of 5.0 from patients. Click on the Post Review button to share your comments.

Holly M.

I'm a new patient but I am beginning to see results in regards to migraine relief. It is a calm, caring, quiet environment. Treatments are not painful and gently administered.

Cisil W.

Dr . Shen is wonderful!  I had a sprained neck one day waking up, and could not move my neck in any direction even by a bit. I called Dr. Shen out of desperation, and she booked a same day appointm...

Hh S.

Dr Shen is a experienced and kind acupuncturist. I have been seeing her since I moved to Los Altos 1.5 years ago...I wanted to experience natural treatment for broad women health issues : she helpe...

V B.

Dr. Shen and staff are wonderful. I've seen them for my back aches, they are attentive and experienced. I highly recommend their massage and acupuncture.

Claire G.

Dr. Shen, and staff are very attentive. I have weekly sessions to help with my very stressful job. The parking is convenient, the schedule accommodating, and pleasant atmosphere makes this a holist...

Leslie F.

I suffered from severe migraines from the age of thirteen.  Before acupuncture, I tried everything from medication to a chiropractor with little to minimal release.  Now that I see Dr Susanna, I ha...

Gerald N.

Very good place to be when it concerns your teeth. Neath, careful and expertise all in one place.

Anna A.

I see Dr. Shen in San Jose.  She is amazing.  I get the full treatment there....acupuncture, massage, cupping.  It has been great in actually healing my migraines, vertigo and now helping me to hea...

Tracy S.

I'm thinking that Barbara had smudges on her lenses as there has never been anything dirty about Dr. Balce's practice. The fresh instruments are put out just prior to each patient walking in by the...

Fernando M.

Dr. Balce has been my dentist for 15+ years and I owe a lot of my good health to the great dental care I have received.  I have had a root canal, a veneer, and two crowns!  All of the original work...

Jocelyn S.

I've seen Dr. Susanna Shen since at least 2005 and she's been the primary person I go to for aches/pains,  colds/flu, stress, stomach upsets, discomfort during pregnancy, etc. I've done acupuncture...

Jack M.

Extremely professional and effective healing center.   I first started working with there am after a major back injury.  Dr. Susanna and team have helped me heal with natural approaches and helped ...

L R.

Dr. Shen is absolutely one of the best! She's sweet, sensitive, professional and excellent at what she does. I started seeing her in March for fertility reasons. My other Dr. told me we had a low c...

Gene G.

When I first met Dr. Shen, I was suffering with very deep and dark depression.  In addition, I had very low energy and was experiencing significant sleep, digestive, and joint pain issues.  Through...

Mariana R.

Dr. Susana it's just amazing. My mom came to visit me from my country, a year ago she break her femur so after two 4hrs flights she was having an awful pain on her leg, it was so bad that she could...

Jennifer F.

Dr. Susanna is simply amazing.  My mom started to have so intense shoulder and back pain, that she couldn't really bend, pick up stuff, and reach. So I took her to see Dr. Susanna, who I had seen o...

Zackie l.

Dr. Shen is, in short amazing..... I have been to four different acupuncturist the past 15 years and no one even comes close. True healing. No matter where you are in the bay area it's worth your d...

Helga S.

I have seen Dr. Susanna Shen over the past year and continue to give her the highest marks.  She is caring, compassionate and always right on with her diagnosis and treatments.  She has helped me t...

Chris F.

Dr Shen is amazing.  I was overwhelmed when I woke up with Bell's Palsy.  Dr. Shen started treatment  and I began to see improvement immediately.  She has been very helpful in working around my sch...

Kei D.

My friend recommended the center as I experienced back pain from an ankle fracture.  I wasn't sure what to expect...but acupuncture has been around for thousands of years and it is covered by my in...

Alice N.

I have been a patient of Dr. Susanna Shen's for two years and she is wonderful.  A seasoned doctor who is very caring toward her patients.  Initially I saw her for a back problem that she resolved ...

Peter K.

Very professional/clean facility and friendly staff.  Took care my pain from tennis elbow.

Anita W.

I tried several Chinese doctors before I found  Dr. Susanna Shen and have been staying with her ever since.  Every time I don't feel well, especially when I had neck pain or back pain, she is the o...

Helga S.

I saw 7 other Chinese doctors from SF to San Jose until I found Dr. Susanna Shen.  Susanna is well-educated, knowledgeable, intuitive and humble. She is an excellent diagnostician, a good listener,...

hiral p.

I have been seeing Dr. Susanna Shen almost a year now. She is really kind and has been a good listener. I go every one to two weeks for a variety of issues---allergies, digestion, fatigue, pain (sh...

Risey P.

Full-Service Chinese Medicine.Back when I worked in Mt. View, I used to come here once a week for acupuncture, herbs and acupressure massage. The staff processed all my insurance forms for me, so I...


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